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Buy Chinchilla

  • Nocturnal
  • Rodent
  • Cool environments
  • Native to Andes Mountains, South America

Heat Pad

In stock – only available for pickup   Warming Pad provides a controlled heating area with balanced temperature distribution to add

Herbivore Treat

Exotic Nutrition’s Critter Selects Herbivore Treat is the perfect blend of natural flavors and nourishing ingredients! This nutritious mix of

Rose Hips

Exotic Nutrition’s Critter Selects Dried Rose Hips are the easy choice for small animal owners looking to treat their critters

Timothy Hay

Oxbow’s all-natural Western Timothy Hay is a nutritious, sweet-smelling grass that will stimulate the appetite of your rabbit, guinea pig,

Timothy Mat

An edible bed for your best friend! Small herbivores of all shapes and sizes love our Timothy CLUB Mat. Like

Timothy Nibblers

Give your pet a fun and tasty vitamin-fortified treat with Exotic Nutrition’s Timothy Nibblers. These ready-to-feed treats are made with all-natural

ZooPro Carry Bag – Large

ZooPro Pet Carrier provides easy transport for many types of small pets. Its durable construction helps ensure the pet’s safety,